Deep thoughts from our marketing masterminds.

How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Brand? Online Reputation Management

What do your customers think about your business and the services you offer? More importantly, what do people say about them? There is an easy way to find out. Online Reviews. Consumers love online reviews. They use them daily to gain insight on everything from Amazon products to accountants, doctors, restaurants, car dealerships and just about everything else.
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Performance Websites: Built To Last Does your site measure up?

Not all websites are created equal. In fact, in a global economy where website visitors have high expectations in regard to brand stories, user experience and functionality, it is important to compare apples with apples when choosing a Web Development partner.
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Were You Ready For 5.2? There's more to this WordPress update than meets the eye

This update was a big one. Not as big as 5.0 back in December, but still… It's the kind of update that could cause your website to run into some pretty major issues if you or your developer weren't paying attention.
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Here we grow again! Edgecombes Marketing & Promotion Inc. and Think Marketing Combine Forces

For nearly a decade, Think Marketing has been challenging the norm when it comes to traditional marketing agencies, offering clients’ high value integrated branding, creative and digital marketing solutions. As we continue to grow and move forward, we are excited to join forces with another successful marketing company, Edgecombes Marketing & Promotion Inc.
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Get Ahead of The Marketing Curve Web Design Trends For 2018 – Part One

Technology is a steam-engine without any brakes, or rails for that matter. It barrels forward without apology and forces each and every one of us along for the ride, constantly altering our perception and the way we take in the world around us.
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Iconic Canadian Brands of Christmas Past and Present Reflections from a brand strategist

Canada has a long history of courageous entrepreneurialism resulting in iconic brands that are embedded in our hearts – especially at Christmas.
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