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Web Design Trends For 2018 – Part One
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Think Marketing - 2018 Web Trends

The interwebz, am I right? You finally acclimatize yourself to the interface of your favourite websites and then BAM! an update and you have to do it all over again.

Technology is a steam-engine without any brakes, or rails for that matter. It barrels forward without apology and forces each and every one of us along for the ride, constantly altering our perception and the way we take in the world around us. It really can be a lot to take in as it occurs, let alone staying ahead of the trend. As they say, “one day you’re in, and the next you’re out.” Technology is today’s greatest fashion, and its cycles don’t care to wait for the change in season.

Feeling overwhelmed? No need! Thankfully part of the job description of working in design, development, or marketing is that we stay on top of these things for you. As such, may we present the web trends you can expect to see more of in the upcoming year? This way, you too can be (somewhat) ahead of the curve.


Going, going, gone are the days of white-on-white, muted pastels, and elegant hand-drawn typefaces Buh-bye! Moving into 2018 users can expect the net to get bigger, bolder, and more graphic than before.

Particle Backgrounds

Particle animated backgrounds are a JavaScript trick popping up all over the net. They are quick to load, and offer movement and graphic elements that create dynamic backgrounds, or that can be interacted with through hovering with your mouse. They can take on the form of dot clusters reflective of a starry night sky, waves that ripple smoothly across screen, or hover parallaxes that offer a more 3D feel to a site.

An example of a particle background.



The last few years have been very focused on flat imagery, soft pastel colours, and minimal contrast on screen. While there will always be a time and place for that sort of branding approach, 2018 is going to be a DEEP year for the web. This will be achieved through the use of layering, scaling in the foreground and background, and the use of strategic drop shadows.

An Example of Depth on Websites

Bold Colour Schemes

Hand-in-hand with Depth in web design is the choice of bold colours and gradients. In 2018 you will definitely see a trend in turning the saturation way up!

Bold color usage is another trend in 2018

Broken Grid Layouts

If you know anything about web design you know that The Grid is important to create unity, balance, and consistency. Over the next year however, will see web designers breaking the grid online and experimenting with asymmetrical designs, freeform elements, and a grander sense of play in web layout particularly when it comes to navigation systems and scrolling elements.

Example of a broken grid layout.

Mobile-First Design

The final Look and Feel Trend of 2018 is the concept of Mobile-First Design. Where do you take in the majority of web viewing? If you are like most of the world it is on your mobile device, and that has not been lost on web designers! Stripping back content to smaller more digestible chunks, adding more compelling imagery, and creating designs that feel intuitive to the user will be at the forefront of UI design in 2018.

Our next article will provide some insight into Graphic Element Trends of 2018. Check back for that list in the coming days!