Performance Websites: Built To Last

Does your site measure up?
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Not all websites are created equal. In fact, in a global economy where website visitors have high expectations in regard to brand stories, user experience and functionality, it is important to compare apples with apples when choosing a Web Development partner.

A performance website combines branding, key messaging, design, technology and process to create high performing websites that stand the test of time.

The key features of a performance website

User Experience

UX (User Experience) is about getting inside the minds of your users, understanding what they hope to achieve, and then delivering on those expectations. The user experience should be mapped out prior to the design and programming phase to ensure the highest level of functionality and conversion.   

Branding & Design

Branding is becoming increasingly important to website users. Branding is about creating a perception or idea about your organization and is critical for establishing credibility with your website users.

The messages you deliver, the images you choose along with your choice of typography and design elements all work together to create that feeling. The feeling a user experiences on your website plays an important role in determining whether they stay on your site or disengage.  

Design plays an important functionality and accessibility role as well, making things easier to see, scan, search, read and take action. As Google becomes more focused on accessibility in regard to SEO, there are many reasons to take design and functionality seriously.


Content is critical to the success of your site. A carefully crafted content plan outlines the site architecture, brand messages, user journeys and conversion points. Your copy should reflect your brand while ensuring SEO is taken into consideration.

Your content should be thoughtfully planned so that visitors to your website not only enjoy the experience but take the desired action (for example contacting you, signing up, logging in or purchasing).


A website is of no use if no one ever sees it. To make sure your beautifully branded site is easily found on all major search engines, you will need to implement a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

This involves developing and integrating keywords tailored to your organization and taking care of the technology under the hood of your website to ensure the site meets and exceeds Google’s ever-changing SEO requirements.

It is also important to monitor these trends throughout the lifecycle of your site to ensure your SEO is kept up to date and your site continues to perform consistently.

How Does Your Site Measure Up?

Your website is the digital front window to your business. Are you getting the most out of your website? How does it measure up?

Think offers complete website audits to measure your site’s branding, UX, content and technical performance. We then provide a detailed report that outlines recommendations to ensure optimal performance.

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