Marketing bundles.

Whether you need to kick-start a marketing strategy or breathe new life into your existing resources, our bundles offer smart, affordable solutions while making a big impact on your business.


Your brand may be built upon the core values of your business, but it’s also shaped by interactions with your audience. That’s why it’s so important to understand what your brand is all about, how it’s perceived by others, and how you can make it even stronger. With decades of expertise, we’ll guide you through brand discovery, development, visual identity, and how to apply those learnings to create exemplary customer experiences and a thriving corporate culture. After all, your brand is our business.

Brand Discovery

Brand discovery

We’ll dig in with a brand discovery process that includes brand workshops and online surveys, followed by competitive analysis. Based on our findings, we’ll develop a Brandscape book that defines your brand foundation, brand promise, core values, purpose, and competitive positioning. Finally, we’ll outline a plan for your brand roll out on various touch points.

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Logo design and Branding tool kit

Logo and brand toolkit

We take an in-depth look at what your competitors are doing, what’s happening in your category, and what’s trending to figure out what will set you apart while staying true to your brand. This includes brand category research, creative ideation, logo design, mood boards, visual identity guidelines, business cards and stationary, and applying the new brand to your social media channels.

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding

We’ll help you develop a strong personal brand that allows you to market your expertise and stand out from the crowd. Our discovery process includes an in-depth brand workshop and competitive analysis, followed by a brand pyramid that summarizes your brand foundation, brand promise, core values, purpose, and competitive positioning.

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It’s not just about your website, it’s about performance. That’s why we arm you with a digital strategy as opposed to a static website. Because we take an integrated approach, our developers, designers, content and brand strategists work together from concept to completion to give your site the brains – and beauty – to meet your specific goals. Just think of us as your digital pit crew.

Custom Web Design Solutions

Web solution

Our customized web solutions begin with a competitive analysis that will inform your overall web strategy. This includes content review, web development, mobile-friendly custom design, social and metadata integration, SEO strategy and setup, implementation of Google analytics, and content management training.

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Think Marketing provides search engine optimization

Elevated search engine optimization

We’ll begin with a website audit and competitive category research, and develop an SEO strategy based on our findings. This is followed by keyword analysis, setup, and monthly adjustments, back linking strategy, setup, and adjustments, as well as a monthly review of Google analytics trends and regular measurement and reporting.

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Web Service and Support

Lead generation

Our lead generation bundle includes the development of your lead generation strategy, as well as monthly creative and content support. We’ll take care of your monthly media placement and monitoring and provide you with regular measurement, analysis, and reporting. (Starting fee does not include media buys).

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Because there are so many channels for communicating with your target audience, content creation can be overwhelming. We’ll help you create content strategies that focus on relationship building and engagement through content marketing, as well as developing more targeted promotional material. Whatever the channel, whatever the message, our strategists, designers, and wordsmiths are in your corner.

Email Marketing

Managed email marketing

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revitalizing an email strategy that’s grown stale, we have you covered. In addition to developing an email marketing strategy, we’ll design custom templates, set up your contacts database and segmentation, provide monthly content planning and creation, facilitate email scheduling and deployment, and provide regular measurement and reporting.

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Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns

It can be daunting to take on a targeted social media campaign, but don’t worry! We can partner with you to develop a campaign strategy that includes creative ideation, custom graphics, content development, and campaign scheduling and monitoring, as well as measurement and reporting throughout the process.

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Managed Social Media

Managed social media

The key to managing your social media is to have an informed and practical strategy in place. In addition to helping ensure your social media channels are on-brand, we’ll develop a content plan that includes monthly content calendars, content development and curation, managed promotions, and custom graphics, as well as measurement and reporting to track your progress each month.

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