David Ferguson - Senior Technologist

David Ferguson

Senior Technologist

Hometown: Brockville, ON

Website Whisperer, Troubleshooter

With 28 years’ experience as a Programmer and Systems Analyst, Dave practically thinks in binary. He specializes in internet based technologies, website development, web application development, SEO, and the server infrastructures that make them all possible. His diagnostic, troubleshooting, and digital forensic skills, sharpened by years of internet mail and web server experience, mean he’s serious about security, fault tolerance, simplicity and stability.

Throughout his career, Dave’s developed vertical market applications for the automotive industry, vehicle rental, industrial tools and commercial dry cleaning industries, where his innate ability to envision the invisible operation of electrical and electronic control systems were invaluable. He’s also supported and maintained software, network, and server infrastructures in the Insolvency Management and Insurance brokerage industries.